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Sharpstone Grinders

There are a wide range of grinders in the SharpStone grinder family. They are available from a tiny 1.5” grinder all the way to a 3.5” grinder and they all have some great features.

The grinder has a great textured finish which makes it more resistant to scratches and ensures that aesthetically it will look good for ages. It also has 50 good sharp teeth for grinding your herbs and an adequate amount of holes for the ground material to fall through.

The SharpStone grinder has been excellently crafted with all the pieces fitting together well. There is minimal abrasion when grinding your herbs and the teeth and screen are built to last. The screen although not too fine is perfect for collecting the potent crystals from your herb.

These grinders have a strong magnet that keeps the lid held on tight when not in use. SharpStone also adds a teflon ring to ensure that the metal doesn’t grind off the other pieces off the grinder, this is a really neat feature as with other grinders you sometimes get nasty pieces of metal in your herb when finished grinding.

Cosmic Grinders

We are now carrying the Cosmic Mini 1.5″ two piece grinder, the Cosmic Large 2.5″ triple chamber grinder, and the Cosmic Extra Large 3″ triple chamber grinder. Cosmic grinders are made and designed by the same team that originally made the Space Case Grinders. As many fans of the Space Case Grinders know, these Cosmic Grinders are high quality grinders made of Aero Space Aluminum, free of lead and other harmful toxins. All Cosmic Grinders are made in the U.S.A. and not China like many of the other leading herb grinders. Each Cosmic Grinder features super strong diamond shaped shredding blades and heavy duty magnets. No matter what your grinding needs are Smoking Culture now has you covered with Cosmic Herb grinders from little to large!

Space Case Grinders

The original Space Case brand is the highest quality grinder available. Its machined from aerospace aluminum. Space Case has often been duplicated, but never replicated. Come to Smoking Culture and experience why Space Case is the industry standard in grinders.

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